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Guys i cant stand it i have to come back to chat i dont care what my parents say, they dont care, im coming back, but i want to talk to alllll of you guys, get back into the routine of coming back on because Im back!!! Ill be on all this weekend
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Cya Later Shitlords

I'm leaving the elementals cos it is pointless (a gaming group that makes no videos) and because of Kalse. Bai (I might come on here sometimes to see how you are all doing)
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Ttfn, ta ta for now

I'm going to be taking leave of this wiki and any others you may find me on.
Why? I  just don't feel as comfortable on here as I used to. I don't know exactly why either, but everytime I'm on chat and even now as I'm writing this I've got this odd feeling that I don't, how you say, fit in, any more.
However, as I'm sure you'll all be happy to hear, I will be back when this whole, "Lightning is really ten" crap is resolved and his ban is up. And, while I'm speaking on the matter, he is thirteen, not ten.
With a heavy heart I go,
(P.S. I'll still be on Skype, Kalse.)
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Favourite wood

Dear anyone with Xbox Minecraft, what is your favourite wood type? Birch, oak or spruce?
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Important newz

Thepenguin9 (Hydro) announced that he shall be leaving for quite a while because things on the wiki  have moved too fast and he needs to catch up and his condition can't take it.
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Userstats Template

I recently added a Userstats template. Template:Userstats. come to me if u need help because i have specific coding, feel free to look at my user page to see how i did it. (source)
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What's up, it's ACD. LightningD recently made a new wiki for roleplaying (?) Check it out, the link will be in the bottom
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Chat hacks!

I was granted temporary adminship to add chat hacks! Enjoy! Not sure 'bout this though, I haven't had any responses YET. Only response was from SpartanDory. 
P.S: Options are in the top right of chat
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To whom it may concern

ComicsRus has officially been banned permanently from our wiki. Last night he was being disrespectful to us and trying to make his girlfriend at the time (Starfire) quit on his behalf. However, she ended things with him and perma-banned him for his continued bad behavior. Just thought you should know.
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My Fan Fic

Dear everybody, do you want to be in my Fan Fic?
Gamer and Kalse are. Just leave a comment if you want to be in.
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My Laptop!

I have finally got my laptop fixed and I might be getting a game capturing device soon so I will be able to upload vids to YouTube.
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Should I Add A Rules Page As I Wrote Them Down When Garde Told Me Them.
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Youtube Videos

I Will Add Pages About Videos Produced By Us And Try To Add Links To Them.
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Leader Boards

I'm Now First On The Leader Boards! Yay!
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Are there any other members of the Elementals on Steam? That way I could friend you and we can play games together on that like the Yogscast.
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My Friend

I Am Going To Ask My Friend To Join But I Need Permission From Everyone Here, Is It Ok?
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Goodbye for a Week (and bugger my dad)

So, apparently, since I forgot to take my technology downstairs last night, I can't have my flipping kindle or phone or that bleeding laptop for a week.
Blame my dad if this screws up any plans for recording or anything we had configured.
Kalse, the voice chat thing we were going to do this weekend is probably going to have to wait until next weekend.
But yeah, bugger my dad, and I'll see you all in a week, next Thursday or Friday.
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Thumbnail thingy

I like it, it looks good, who did that?
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