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• 5/3/2013

Ttfn, ta ta for now

I'm going to be taking leave of this wiki and any others you may find me on.

Why? I  just don't feel as comfortable on here as I used to. I don't know exactly why either, but everytime I'm on chat and even now as I'm writing this I've got this odd feeling that I don't, how you say, fit in, any more.

However, as I'm sure you'll all be happy to hear, I will be back when this whole, "Lightning is really ten" crap is resolved and his ban is up. And, while I'm speaking on the matter, he is thirteen, not ten.

With a heavy heart I go,


(P.S. I'll still be on Skype, Kalse.)

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• 5/4/2013
( bye :(
• 5/4/2013

Bye Luna :(

• 5/4/2013

Bye princess <3 :(