Hey guys!!!! Its been a good couple of days, I was wanting to ask the opinion of all you. (And also get an achievment)

As you all know we will be on youtube soon, but who knows whether or not we're actually going to get big??? All i'm saying is, when we post our videos on youtube we shouldn't be too ambitious and expect a 1,000,000 views, and end up disappointed when we have a 100 views but rather we should aim for something thats achievable and within our reach. So I wanted to ask, what do you think is the most suitable and possible amount of subscrbers and views we can achieve in a short period of time like a month???

1. 100 views/ 100 subs (not subway)

2. 500 views/ 500 subs (not subway)

3. 1000 views/ 1000 subs (not subway)

4. 5000 views/ 5000 subs (not subway)

5. 10000 vies/ 10000 subs (not subway)

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