HEY GUYS!!! As some of you know, for the past two-ish weeks I have been on vacation in Namibia! (It's a place, look it up).so I just wanted to give a quick update while I have an Internet connection.

So for the first week of our vacation spartan and I went and stayed with our grandparents, who have a damn nice house. The first thing we did was go and have a swim in their pool. So we stayed with them for a week, and on the last day before we left their house, we made pizzas using their pizza oven.

On Monday, we left with our grand parents and they took us up north to the Etosha National Park. On total we saw tons of animals, including:

Lions, elephants, hyenas, jackals, giraffes, zebras, birds I don't know the name of, and many different kinds of buck.

We stayed in the park until today, when we left and came down to a small town, where we have so far driven around the town and eaten some amazing seafood. Thank you to those of you reading this wall of text, and if you are comment purple pelicans. Currently we are staying in an apartment where if we look out the window we can see the Atlantic Ocean, and the apartment has free wifi (praise the lords). On Saturday, we will go back to our grandparents house until Thursday, when we leave to come back to Canada.

I will see you all back on my regular time in Toronto, on next Monday, and until then, BE EXCELLENT TO EACH OTHER, AND PARTY ON DUDES!

Ps, this coming Tuesday is Spartans birhday, so send him a message or something, and you will be doing better than me, hopefully I can find a present in five days...

Signed, Imac.

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