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  • LightningD

    We all knew they were coming. All we had to do was wait. 

    Spartan's POV

    "Come on Spartan, were gonna be late" Red shouted at me. "I'm going as fast as I can!" I yelled back. Here we were at the lakes just me, my brother Red and our parents. We had just arrived at the lakes for our holiday.

    Red's POV

    "I can't wait to go for a swim" I thought. We neared the lake as a huge tentacle of water wrapped round my leg. "SPARTAN HELP ME" I managed to scream as everything went black.

    Spartan's POV

    I just stared as I watched my brother being dragged beneath the surface. I turned rapidly to see the tentacle lunging at me, I covered my face with my hands, then everything stopped.

    Author's Note: I will make the parts longer, don't worry

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  • LightningD

    Lent Updates

    February 8, 2013 by LightningD

    Dear People,

    I, LightningD, swear to give up eating all types of chocolate and playing any version of Minecraft for Lent.

    I will update this blog everyday to tell you how I am doing.

    Day 1: Going well today, nearly ate some chocolate sprinkles but stopped myself luckily.

    Day 2: My friend stopped me eating a chocolate cake today, thanks, and i am GOING CRAZY I NEED TO PLAY MINECRAFT PLEASE HELP ME.

    Day 3: My friend is trying to make me eat chocolate 'cos he was like "Wanna buy a brioche?" But I remembered just in time lol.

    Day 4: Had a lazy day in bed lol, no MC, no choco

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