• SpartanDory

    th eleserver

    October 13, 2014 by SpartanDory

    hey guys come join the fun of the server


    gamemode: survival only

    welcome people: anyone 

    unwelcome people: lets wait and see

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  • SpartanDory

    ok hello elementals if you could pick one of the following pls do its for my fic

    Water: Junior


    Earth: Kalse

    Air: Imac


    none: red

    dont ask any questins about it just answer and wait comment the one you want only one alll and one none

    k thsnks bye

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  • SpartanDory


    July 8, 2013 by SpartanDory

    hey guys i wondered if we could do some roleplaying on the mmorpg wiki its been so long i would really engoy it so please meet me there sometime today hopefullly - werewolf king

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  • SpartanDory

    hey guys i just want to say that i am be work hard on fan fic and chapter four "Into The Heat" is almost done hopefully it be out soon likly in two days but thats it for now BYEEEEEEEE

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  • SpartanDory

    Demonic limo drivers - Is that the name of the chapter?

    Info: Written by SpartanDory

    Edited by LightningD

    Spartan's POV

    I was getting some training done with Luna, my sister, after something odd happened. The night with the prophecy we had found some swords on our beds. I had two one handed swords and Luna had one sword a little longer that mine. We were practicing with Viola because we knew nothing about monster fighting. Luna told us about how monsters disintegrate not die and their essence goes back to Tartarus; the endless hole in the Underworld. She taught us strikes and parries but we weren’t that good then we went for food at the pavilion and after in the morning we went off.

    Luna's POV

    We had decided to go to Las Vegas but Chiron said we …

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