Wrtiten by: SpartanDory

Edited by: LightningD


A small group of campers sit around a large fire telling jokes and laughing. " Hey Kalse, want another marshmallow?" said one of them. "Sure pass" answered Kalse, "Thanks Spartan" said Kalse; obviously the two boys were Kalse and Spartan but who was the girl? The only one I did not know was the girl; was this the right group? "I might as well try" he thought as he walked forewords towards the three campers' he heard something, so did the campers and everything went silent. 

Spartan's POV

"We heard it" I said searching through my bag "We all heard it" I muttered again looking desperately for my machete. "Maybe it was just the wind" Violla said, finally I found it and I pulled it out and stood ready for whatever it was. Then came a rustling from the trees behind us so I turned in time to see a small boy, he had a goatee and a baseball cap on. "Who the heck are you?" I asked. "No time to explain that or where i am taking you but we need to hurry" he said with sweat beading down his forehead, then it came.

Kalse's POV

While Spartan and Violla were looking at that kid a snake came; no not a snake, a women; no both, its legs were two giant snakes. "Um Spartan rember how in history last week we learnt about those snake women things" I asked him "you mean Dracaena yeah" he was cut off by an that arrow hit the tree next to him. If he hadn’t turned to answer me he would be dead. There were five of them forming a semi circle around us, without thinking I yelled "RUN"

Violla's POV

We were running through the woods of Long Island where we had set up camp, it was the start of summer vacation, we were going to fish and drink coca cola all summer long but nooo instead we were running with some guy we just met from snake women. "Just perfect, were going to die on the first day of summer vacation" I said.   The new guy pointed to a pine tree with a bunch of wires around it and said "Get past the tree and you’ll be safe". We all ran as fast as we could and we made it past the tree but by then the snake things had caught up to us but when I turned around they were on the ground as if something hit them, and the wire came alive. The wire turned into a dragon and ate the snake ladies, then i fainted but so had Spartan and Kalse.`   

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